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TF2 Frontier Justice Pistol concept sketches by Noizeblaze TF2 Frontier Justice Pistol concept sketches by Noizeblaze
No naked people here.

Here's some concept art for a game. Team Fortress 2 is a game which allows members of the community to contribute weaponry, and more importantly head wear, to the game for canonization. This is a pistol intended to be a parallel to a weapon in the game called the Frontier Justice, a shotgun for the Engineer class. The Frontier Justice works with the Engineer's Sentry gun in an interesting fashion; for every kill the Sentry gun does, it grants the shotgun more potent shots after the Sentry is destroyed.

TF2 employs an illustrative style to complement the slapstick and exaggerated nature of the game-play, as well as a meta-handwave as to why the unrealistic elements are such (it's a cartoon, don't think about it). To this end, this results in slapping somebody with a dead fish telling everybody in the battlefield who has been slapped with it, or a Peg Leg having better handling when charging forward.

However the Frontier Justice is an interesting case where the looks of the weapon correlate somewhat with it's function, the antenna could possibly interact with the Sentry. This trend also appears somewhat in other items, such as the Soda Popper granting more potent attacks, due to a soda can which grants a mechanic called Mini-crits when ingested (a slight increase in damage potency) being strapped to the gun, triggering after a set distance of movement has been met. I was interesting in pursuing this.

While contributed weapons rarely get stats decided upon by their creator, I can only hope that if this gun is ever made and submitted that it informs some sense of awareness of interacting with a Sentry as part of it's abilities.

Basically, nerd things.
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April 21, 2012
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